Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Fourth Card Kit - A Second "Sunshiny Days" 8 Cards Set

When I created the Pebbles "Sunshiny Days" card kit for Scrapbook Essentials BC, there were extra papers left over. Enough to make another kit with 8 more cards! So here is Sunshiny Days Kit 2!

I created the cards to be clean and simple so that there was room for further embellishing if the customer so desired! This set has a lot of framing and mitring. Love doing that with stripes!

I will not say much about the cards, but rather just let you browse through them, with a note at the end.

Whoops! Forgot to take a second photo of the side view for this card.

Well, hope you had fun looking, and that you are inspired to create something.

If you are interested in this kit or the previous "Sunshiny Days" you can contact Stacey at  or  778-533-4290 to reserve or have shipped to you.

I am on my way to a scrapbook retreat held bi-annually at Honeymoon Bay Retreat. Love going there it is so beautiful and I encourage you to book for the fall or Spring 2019! I may post another card or tow that I have just completed and working on, while I am at the retreat. Maybe even post some retreat photos to share!

Happy creating everyone!

Saturday, April 21, 2018

Birthday Card For a Friend - Altenew Tulip

Yesterday I had to make a couple of birthday cards. I posted one for you yesterday, and today's card is for a dear friend. I used the Altenew layered "Tulip" stamp set and like yesterday's card, I also used the Altenew Bold Alphabet dies.

I stamped a variety of colours for the tulips on the card as well as a few to be die cut and popped up on the card with the sentiment.

The side view shows how the letters, sentiment, and extra tulips were popped up.

Well, that's it for the two birthday cards. Hope they have given you some inspiration.

Happy stamping!

Friday, April 20, 2018

Family Birthday Card - Altenew Bold Blossom

Today I had to quickly make a birthday card for a family member. She likes vintage/steam punk, so I tried to see what I could do that would be a little different to show you. Have you ever layer stamped on kraft card stock? I chose to create a very deep red rose with dark green leaves.

In order to get the red that deep, I stamped the red three times on the kraft cards stock using my Tonic Stamping Platform. The next layer is stamped in a mid range brown, and the last detail layer in a dark brown, making the red very deep in colour. For the green, I stamped the mid green twice and that same mid brown for the dark layer on the leaves.

I think these colours hint nicely to vintage/steam punk colours.

The next thing I did was use the Altenew Bold Alphabet dies to die cut out the word "happy". I then popped the letters up, attaching the inner parts back were needed for some of the letters. You can see the popped up parts better in this side view.

Hope you will try to do some layered stamp on kraft card stock, the colours turn out much richer. I had fun trying this out.

I had to make another card today for a dear friend. Be sure to check in tomorrow to view that card.

Happy stamping!

Thursday, April 19, 2018

MISTI / Altenew Pretty Pansy Class

Hello Everyone!

I arrived back home yesterday and have been checking up on the upcoming class. I discovered that I forgot to post a class before I left! In some ways it turned out to be a good thing because I do not have anything new yet to post for you. So today I will be sharing with you the layered stamping class for May 23rd!

MISTI & Altenew Pretty Pansies Class
WHEN: Wednesday, May 23rd
TIME: 6:00 - 8:30 (may go over a bit)
COST: $42 + GST (includes the $28.95 stamp set)

Welcome to another MISTI Layered Stamping Class! For this class we will be using the Altenew Pretty Pansies stamp set. This set has up to 3 to 5 layers to create a variety of different types of Pansies.
We will be learning a different layering system in this class that involves gold heat embossing for one card, and for the other we will take the flower and make it more masculine just by the colour choices. You will have the choice of fussy cutting, using your dies that go with the set if you purchased them, or using the die set I will have there with my die machine.
If you would like to order the matching die set to have during class they are $16.95 and you just need to let Stacey know so she can order it in for you.
PLEASE BRING TO CLASS: Your completed cards, or photos of completed cards, from the last Tulip class in March (prizes from Sabrina), your MISTI or Stamping Platform, your Lawn Fawn Stamp Shammy or a micro cloth with stamp cleaner or water, baby wipes for your hands etc, mini-glue dots, white foam pop ups, full adhesive post it notes, Versamark (embossing ink) pad make sure it is juicy and not getting dry (you may always purchase a refill from Stacey), gold embossing powder, scissors, your die cutting machine and plates if you will use your coordinating dies, and your ink pads.
INK PAD COLOURS: for each of the pansies, you will need up to 4 colours. You can get by with 3 colours just by how you stamp each layer. Test the colours at home to see if the colours you choose will work well together and if they need re-inking. If you want to go with my choice of colours you will need 3 - 4 yellows, 3 - 4 pinks, 3 - 4 turquoise, 3 - 4 blues, 2 greens, 2 kraft/beige colours. (Other pansy colours are purples, orange, red/burgandy, etc) Bring only water die based ink pads (no archival, chalk, or pigment ink pads please). Recommended ink pads that you may have at home are from Memento, Altenew, or even Stampin' UP. If you wish to purchase more colours to have for class, please contact Stacey as well.

This first card will take some time because of the multiple colours and flowers. This will be a new technique for you to learn as we will be heat embossing and layer stamping!

For the second card of this class, I wanted to see if I could use cute little pansies and make if a little more masculine. This card involves some masking.

I am wishing that I had not let so much of the leaves peek out from under the pansies, but I do like the colour combination. Hope you do too. If not you can always choose different coloured stamp pads to bring to class.
Pansies are one of my favourite flowers and I am really looking forward to this class with you.
Happy stamping, and see you soon!

Friday, April 13, 2018

Making Some Bullet Journal Changes - New Yearly Layout Ideas

Hello Everyone!

Hope your day is going well for you. For those of that are following my Bullet Journal adventures, I am posting something different for you today. As I have been using so many pages for each month, and have so far been able to get first two months, then three months into my second journal, I have decided that I need to have an additional bullet journal. In this I can have my yearly spreads and keep the rest, my monthly, weekly and daily spreads my journal that I use daily, in my main journal. That way I save space by not having to migrate my yearly stuff into each  quarterly journal and thereby save those pages to use for the third month.  I can migrate the info from my monthly trackers and my weekly finances into my yearly one to have an overview of the year.

I did not want a Bujo with a lot of pages, so I came across these at with a good thick Kraft card stock cover to them. So here are some photos of what I have done.

I took one of the books and some scraps leftover from a Graphic 45 Portrait of a Lady class and covered the outside and inside covers as you see below.

Next I left a few blank pages for an index and maybe a key.  The next thing I added was the Birthday spread to keep track of birthdays. I can refer to this with each month set up that I do.

I used a gold pen for this layout, and some lovely Washi Tape with god accents from Alli Express.

I might be able to fit two years into each booklet, so I thought I would include a year title page. I have not coloured it in yet, but thought I might show you how I pencil things in first before using any of my pens.

Of course, once the ink has dried when I fill it in, I then erase the pencil. I will perhaps at a later date show you this page again when it is completed.

I decided to spilt up into sections Finances, Spirituality, Health, Preparedness/Prepping, and 2018 Achievements.

The finances are first, and please do not panic when you see the life insurance goal. I am not ill or know when I will pass from this life, I am just trying to not lay a heavy expense onto my children when that day comes, and decided I had better do something about it this year.

I love the quote by Abraham Lincoln, and am trying real hard to discipline myself in this area of my life.

I am hoping that this credit card spread will help me visualize my debt, how I keep adding to it vs the payments I make compared to the income I receive.

 I did not want my finical planning to be so serious that I could not have a wish list, so I made one that allows me time to get some of the things on there. I can always migrate some of them to the next year if needed. I can say that the other day I was able to put an 'X' into one of the boxes!

I also wanted to keep track of my monthly bill payments and made a layout for that as well.

The next section is my Spirituality. This is very important to me and over the past few years I have let some of these slide more than I should have. So I thought if I track these in my monthly habits and record them in my yearly records so that I can get a better overview of the year and what changes I need to make to improve.

I have only this spread for it. It is enough to help me track from my monthly tracking spreads onto hear with a little more detail, like the # of days I did these things.

Next up, is my Health section. This is something else that I really need to work on. Not just weight loss, but overall health with sleep, drinking enough water, exercise, and so on.  I also need to keep track of my chronic back pain, and anxiety. I believe seeing it in a whole year rather than just month to month, will help me and my Dr.. So this is the yearly layout idea that I came up with. We will see if it helps me. Again, I will be still doing my monthly tracking, but will migrate the tracking results to this booklet.

The Preparedness section is second to last. In the past I was very much into being prepared for what could happen and being self reliant. If you loose a job, get ill and can't work, or a natural disaster occurred, being prepared would be a good thing. Food storage, water storage, and other needs can be purchased ahead, used and rotated, or to be prepared to leave at a moments notice, are things we can prepare for.

For years now that has not been something that I was able to get back on track with. So it is my goal to start doing that again. Products and ideas have changed over the years, and so I plan to do some research, track that and the reading of some recent books I have purchased on those topics.

The next spread is where I plan to record the things that I do have and date them, to start keeping a record. In the future I may have to have an entire Bujo for all of this. That will be great!

It is always good to record your accomplishments I think, so I created a page where every month I could add them and at the end of the year see what I really have accomplished! Look forward to seeing it all when the year is completed.

Well, that is it for this yearly Bujo layout so far. I do not know at this point if I will add anything or not before the next year starts. If I do, I will share it with you. Hope I have created some layouts that have inspired your Bullet Journaling, organization, or goals.

Happy creating!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

More From My April Bullet Journal Set Up

Before we get into some additional April spreads and layouts, I thought I would share with you a few more photos of my visit in Phoenix. These are the ones I chose because of the previous spreads I shared with you that included my drawings and watercolour pencil images of cacti.

So if you looked at the link above, you will have seen some of my cacti drawings. I was unable to colour in all of my drawings before leaving for Phoenix, but since I have been here I have found the time to complete some more of the colouring. One of these is the title for my "Highlights" pages.

Here it is. I took the photos outside at 7:35 this morning, and I realize that I should have waited a little longer to get better photos.

There may be some additional additions of drawing/colouring cacti to this month's layouts, but at this time I do not have further ones to share. I do however, have some of my pages filled in that I can share with you. This way you can see how the pages look like when they are filled in and used.

Here is the entire spread...

For the rest of the spreads I painted in a little for privacy, but left enough so that you could see what the layouts look like when filled in.

Well, that's it for today. Hope you are finding time to be creative. If not every day, hopefully once a week.

Happy creating everyone!